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  • Bush(es)

    A small clump of conspicuous bushes in an otherwise bare area.

  • Coconut grove

    A planting of coconut trees.

  • Cultivated area

    An area under cultivation.

  • Forest(s)

    An area dominated by tree vegetation.

  • Fossilized forest

    A forest fossilized by geologic processes and now exposed at the earth's surface.

  • Grassland

    An area dominated by grass vegetation.

  • Heath

    An upland moor or sandy area dominated by low shrubby vegetation including heather.

  • Meadow

    A small, poorly drained area dominated by grassy vegetation.

  • Olive grove

    A planting of olive trees.

  • Orchard(s)

    A planting of fruit or nut trees.

  • Palm grove

    A planting of palm trees.

  • Pine grove

    A planting of pine trees.

  • Scrubland

    An area of low trees, bushes, and shrubs stunted by some environmental limitation.

  • Tree(s)

    A conspicuous tree used as a landmark.

  • Tundra

    A marshy, treeless, high latitude plain, dominated by mosses, lichens, and low shrub vegetation under permafrost conditions.

  • Vineyard

    A planting of grapevines.

  • Vineyards

    Plantings of grapevines.